The Jaap Eden IJsbaan is a service organization in the field of skating and other forms of sports, entertainment and events. Besides being a (sports) venue, we are an ice production company. We produce ice during the skating season and make it available to skaters. The Jaap Eden IJsbaan includes an indoor rink and an uncovered 400-meter outdoor rink with scratch rink and buildings in which catering facilities, a skate rental, a sports instruction company and a skate store are operated.

During the winter season, Jaap Eden is in operation almost continuously. During this period, skating occurs during all days of the week from about eight o'clock in the morning until about 11:30 in the evening. The busiest hours with skaters are concentrated in the evenings of the week and on weekends.


The Jaap Eden IJsbaan is organized in the form of an independent foundation. The board of the foundation is formed by unpaid volunteers, who are selected/appointed based on their expertise in a specific field and their affinity with the sport of skating. The board has delegated the daily management of the Jaap Eden IJsbaan to the director.

The board of the foundation consists of: Paul Wevers (chairman and general affairs portfolio)Rick Angevaare (finance portfolio)Hugo van der Poel (strategy portfolio)


Joris Wouters (director)

Mark Stobbelaar (deputy director)

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