House Rules

The Jaap Eden IJsbaan is the place where Amsterdammers young and old can experience skating fun in a low-threshold manner. Enjoy this traditional Dutch sport in the open air. In order for all visitors to be able to enjoy it, a number of house rules has been set up to ensure that skating is safe. Jaap Eden IJsbaan asks all visitors to observe the house rules below so that you and your fellow users can enjoy skating safely.
house rules on the ice
House Rules in General
Violation of the house rules or other unauthorized conduct may result in denial of access, exclusion from participating in activities or confiscation of the access pass issued or cancellation of season tickets for a definite or indefinite period of time, without Jaap Eden being obliged to refund any admission / season ticket or other monies or otherwise becoming liable to pay compensation to the visitor.

Safety is a top priority for the Jaap Eden IJsbaan. We feel responsible for our employees, visitors and local residents. Our business operations are designed with this in mind. The Jaap Eden IJsbaan meets all the legal requirements. To ensure the safety policy, a safety management system has been set up with the help of an external expert. A Risk Inventory and Evaluation (RI&E) and a Supplementary Risk Inventory and Evaluation (ARI&E) are carried out annually. Regular coordination takes place with the Fire Department and Environmental Department.

Staff and instructors
The employees of the Jaap Eden IJsbaan and the instructors of the skating school are responsible for supervising the safety of all visitors. They oversee compliance with the above house rules .
At the back of the checkroom building near the 400 meter outdoor rink is the first aid station. For first aid, please contact one of our janitors who are also first aiders. If the first aider is not at his post, please speak to one of our staff or report to the ticket office building.
The Jaap Eden IJsbaan uses a security company to supervise and provide security on the grounds and in the buildings.
Entering the grounds and using the facilities is at your own risk. The Foundation is not liable for any injury or loss or damage to property.
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