Purchasing tickets can be done online on this page or with the ticket machine which can be found at the entrance of the ice rink. multi-entry passes will be sent to the address provided within 1 business day after payment has been made.

Klik op het betreffende tabje voor de entreeprijzen voor het schaatsseizoen 2023-2024. Bij afname van rittenkaarten en (les)abonnementen geldt een éénmalige aanschaf van een persoonlijke toegangspas van 6 euro per persoon. Deze pas is uw eigendom. De pas is geschikt voor herhaald gebruik. Rittenkaarten en (les)abonnementen die u daarna afneemt zullen op deze pas worden bijgeschreven. 

NOTES. VAT does not apply to all our rates. Prices do not include skate rental


PLEASE NOTE!!! As of 1-1-2023, it is no longer possible to pay with cash at the information desk.


multi-entry passes are always valid at the time of purchase until the end of the following year. If you buy a multi-entry pass in 2023 then it is valid until 31-12-2024. 

Only in the case of demonstrable injuries is it possible to adjust the validity of multi-entry passes . You can check the validity and remaining credit via webshop.jaapeden.nl or at the ticket machine located in the entrance area of the ice rink.


Want to gift a visit, multi-entry pass or class (series)? Then go to this page and purchase a gift certificate.

1 ride
10 trips
25 trips
€ 9,60
€ 68,90
€ 149,90
Youth (4 to 15 years) - children up to 3 free
€ 5,80
€ 40,40
€ 93,50
Seniors (65+)
€ 7,80
€ 52,20
€ 113,10
Scholars/ students
€ 7,80
€ 52,20
€ 113,10
Guided school students (primary education)
€ 4,20
Scholars in school with guidance (secondary education)
€ 5,50

Throughout the season you skate every week on a set day and time, outside of public hours. The number of season tickets is limited and divided between the associations (apply through the rink committee) and the skating school (in combination with instruction).

Lesson on a subscription hour

Would you like to take skating lessons on a subscription hour? This is possible, among other things, by taking skating lessons at the Jaap Eden Skating School or one of the associations that are active on the rink. Click here for an overview of the active associations. Orlook for more information about lessons on subscription hours through the Jaap Eden Skating School on this page.

There will be no more disco skating at the Jaap Eden Ice Arena starting with the 2020-2021 skating season.

For more info, check out this page.


As a non-skating visitor, you are of course also welcome on the grounds of Jaap Eden IJsbaan during public hours. In that case an entrance fee of only € 2.00 applies. At the information desk you will receive an entry card visitor. Children up to 3 years of age have free admission.


One non-skating parent/guide of skating children has free admission to the rink and ice hall if the child has skating lessons. A parent/guide card can be requested on this page.

When booking a course, the entrance fee to the Jaap Eden IJsbaan is included in the course fee. Depending on the number of lessons of the course, a proportional number of rides will be credited to the course participant's entrance pass, to be used at the entrance gates.

Click here for a list of all the classes we are offering this season.

Ice Hall
Ice Hall
€ 900,60 per uur
1/2 Ice Hall
€ 540,40 per uur
1/3 Ice Hall
€ 376,30 per uur
Scribble track
€ 367,30 per uur
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