Requesting parent/guide ticket

At the bottom of this page it is possible to request a parent/guide ticket so that you, as a parent/guide, can gain access to the ice hall or 400-meter rink. This ticket is intended exclusively for parents/guardians of children up to 12 years old with a skating lesson. 

Parents/guardians can only stand around the blue boarding of the 400-meter track after the start of class. 

How does the parent/guardian ticket work?

With the parent/guide ticket, you can enter from 30 minutes before the start of the hour until 10 minutes after the start of the skating hour. Does the skating start at 16:00? Then you can enter with an e-ticket between 15:30 and 16:10. 

If you leave the ice hall or 400-meter rink after bringing a skater and want to come back at a later time you need to request a new e-ticket.

If you want to stay and watch during your visit to the ice rink, you are requested to take a seat in the stands of the ice rink or to stay near the changing room of your child (to be accompanied). If you want to stay and watch during your visit to the 400-meter rink, please stay in one place as much as possible. 

The ticket will be sent to the email address provided, so make sure it is entered correctly. Also check the spam folder, it may happen that the mail ends up there.

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