Your brand or company visible among 500,000 visitors at one of Amsterdam's most athletic venues

There are multiple sponsorship opportunities at Jaap Eden. From placing a banner on the boarding to a custom package. 

Facts and figures

In December 1961, the Jaap Eden IJsbaan in Amsterdam was the third 400-meter rink in the world to open its gates. Nowadays, the Jaap Eden IJsbaan is the oldest existing ice rink in the world.

    • The Jaap Eden IJsbaan opened in 1961.
    • Currently, the rink attracts 500,000 visitors annually.
      • Mostly sports enthusiasts, from Amsterdam.
      • Target groups: schools, avid athletes, competitive skaters, active children, company outings, etc.
    • The Jaap Eden ice rink has been the site of several National Championships (marathon and short track).
    • There are two national marathons at Jaap Eden every year. 
    • We had the 2020 World Cup for students.
    • This was the recording location for the program De ijzersterkste. 
    • During the past winter games, NOS broadcast live daily from the rink with a morning and evening program.

Sponsorship opportunities

Traditional sponsorship can be done by placing a boarding banner on the boarding of the 400-meter track, but we are willing to think with you if you want to be highlighted in another creative way.

    • This is a position of 5 meters length x 1 meter height at a place of your choice at one of the available spots
    • Advice about material
      • Bysonil cloth
      • With Velcro (hard) sewn across entire top and bottom at the back
      • Jaap Eden recommends a new canvas every three years
    • Jaap Eden can put advertiser in touch with a producer of the canvas. Estimated production costs € 125.00
    • Jaap Eden provides canvas application and storage. We also provides repair if necessary.


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Boarding sponsor
for 1 year

ex VAT.
  • An entire year visible
  • For startups or events
  • Annually 25 free tickets

Boarding sponsor
for 3 years

(per year, ex VAT)
  • Three seasons visible
  • Your company in the spotlight
  • Annually 25 free tickets
Most chosen

A partnership

per event/month/year
  • Filling in to be determined
  • Flexible in winter and summer
  • Creatively under the spotlight

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