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Questions about the lessons in the Christmas holiday

Are you already enrolled in a vacation course but still have a question about your course? Then please read the email confirmation (with attachment) and information email carefully first. The infomails can also be read online. Click here for the information for youth courses and here for the information email for adults.

On this page you will find the most frequently asked questions.

General questions

Waterman Sport provides skate rentals at the Jaap Eden IJsbaan. Waterman's store and skate rental are located on the ground floor on the outside of the ice hall, immediately after having entered through the entrance gates it will be on your right. Various types of skates can be rented for (part) the day or even for the entire season. Renting helmets is also possible. In addition, you could sharpen your skates here or purchase new skates, or other skating equipment. There is a seperate counter at Waterman Sport for picking up or dropping off your skates for sharpening. Check their opening hours at watermansport.nl

Ice skate rentals are available from €7.00 per day.

For all days and times, visit www.jaapeden.nl/bezoek 

You may continue skating on the blocks that connect to the block of your arrival. So you do not always have to go directly home after your block, but in many cases you can continue skating after the mop-up break. Check the webshop for an overview of the opening hours.

As a non-skating visitor, you are of course also welcome on the grounds of Jaap Eden IJsbaan during public hours. In that case an entrance fee of only € 2.00 applies. At the information desk you will receive an entry ticket visitor. You can hand in the €2.00 ticket at café Jaap, which will give you a €2.00 discount on your order. Children up to 3 years old have free access.

The ice hall is not open to the public this season, but associations can visit the ice hall for club sports.

The 400-meter track (outdoor rink) is also open when it rains. 

In the event of very high winds, thunderstorms and/or winter showers, the 400-meter track may have to be temporarily closed.

In that case, we will post a notice on our homepage and share a message on our social media channels.

Via deze pagina is het mogelijk om een nieuwe entreepas aan te vragen. Binnen 5 werkdagen na het aanvragen ligt de nieuwe pas klaar bij de informatiebalie.

Questions about scheduling a visit or an already registered visit

We would like everyone to be able to skate safely. By working with maximum numbers, we ensure a safer rink at certain hours. By doing this, we are also able to estimate how busy it will be at certain times and make a better plan in terms of personnel.

Since we are a seasonal company, we do not have a fixed pool of employees and it is a challenge every season to get enough staff. Currently it is even more difficult than previous seasons.

Register your e-ticket according to the steps below.

  1. Choose either register a multi-entry pass visit or register catch-up visit.
  2. Choose first the day and then the time you would want for your skating visit.
  3. Please indicate how many tickets you would like to order
    • For multi-entry pass visits, it is currently possible to register for 5 tickets
    • For catch-up visits, a maximum of 1 ticket can be registered
  1. Registration without logging in
    • Enter your first name, last name and pass number.
      • Registration depends on in which way you are saved in the system, for some users the first name field must be left blank and the first and last name must both be filled in in the last name field.
    • Registration if you are logged in
      • If you have a valid subscription you can select the appropriate subscription.
  2. Click 'debit your card' and proceed with your order

Unable to register?
Please fill out the form at the bottom of the page and we will link your pass to an online profile as soon as possible. Since this operation must be performed manually, it may take up to 48 hours.

Changing a ticket can be done through the link in your order confirmation or in your profile. Click here to log into your profile.

Trip card purchased online
If you purchased your multi-entry pass online, you can always view your information after logging in.

Trip card purchased at the cash register
If you purchased your multi-entry pass at the cash register , the information you provided to the cashier applies. Often there is no first name filled in, sometimes only an initial. There is always a last name filled in. Always try your last name and no statement/ initial/or first name in the first name field. If registration fails, you can request a login via the form at the bottom of this page, we will provide a login within 2 business days. Unfortunately, no login is possible. Once we have provided you with the data you can immediately use the catch-up module.

Skating School Pass
When you are registered for one of the Jaap Eden Skating School classes, you are able to see your login information in your profile.

Skating Association (tour skating subscription)
If you are a member of the association , the login depends on how the rink committee provided the data to us. It is often the case that no first name is imported and your first and last name can be entered in the last name field. Should registration fail you can request a login via the form at the bottom of this page, we will provide a login within 2 business days. Unfortunately overtaking without login is not possible. Once we have provided you with the data you can immediately use the catch-up module. If you have a profile in our webshop you can request your login details via this link. 

Is the login not working or is your entrance pass not listed as a possible pass number to credit your multi-entry pass ? Please fill in the form below. We will connect your pass and let you know by email how to log in.

By making this request, you give your permission to create an online profile with the information below if the information matches the information in our database.

Checking data can take up to 48 hours.

Association credits and subscriptions

  • If you have a speed skating or selection subscription it is not possible to make up for a missed visit.
  • If you skate at a hall association it is not possible to make up a missed visit....
  • If you skate through the association on a subscription hour then it is possible to make up a visit on off-peak hours. the options for this can be found at www.jaapeden.nl/bezoek (Schedule lesson/subscription credit at the outdoor rink)
  • For skating lessons at the Jaap Eden skating school you can call the rink directly, for club subscriptions you can contact your association directly .
    • Subscriptions for a association active on the outdoor rink are requested by your association from the Baancomissie Groot Amsterdam. Once they have reviewed the application it will be forwarded to the rink.
    • Pass number adjustments, however, can be made at the rink itself.

Questions about skating lessons

General questions about skating lessons

Skating lessons will always continue even when the weather is bad unless otherwise communicated. Keep an eye on our social channels (Facebook and Instagram) for this. Check your email before you go to the rink. Skating is not allowed during thunderstorms.

Skating lessons will always continue even with high temperatures unless otherwise communicated. Keep an eye on our social channels (Facebook and Instagram) for this. Be sure to check your email before heading to the rink.

Because Jaap Eden is a outdoor rink , leaves fall onto the ice, among other things. Sand and other material lying on the ice can also cause your skates to blunt faster. We recommend sharpening your skates at least 3 times per season when skating once a week. Sharpening your skates gives you more grip on the ice so you can concentrate on your skating technique.

For both youth and adults, the goal is for a lesson group to contain 12 to 14 participants.

In the beginner groups, we try to keep this number lower.

Questions about skating classes for adults


Level 1: Absolute beginner: able to stand on skates but need an aid such as boarding or stretching

Level 2: Can stand independently on skates and can keep balance, however, still has a lot of difficulty making speed through successive push-offs.


Level 3: In the skating position, can turn left and right continuously for at least 20 meters and can pass through the turn using a step movement with the right leg.

Level 4: Can "paw over" several separate times in the skating position in the turn.


Level 5: Keep skating in the skating position for an entire lap and "leg over" in the turn at least four times in a row.

Level 6: Be able to skate for an extended period of time (at least 5 rounds), skating completely "leg over" the turn.

Level 7: Be able to skate at a higher speed for a longer period of time, tuned not only to own rhythm but also to adapt to others.

During the adult classes we divide the groups by level. Would you like to be in the group with your friend? Consult with the coordination about in which group you iwill fit best. The coordination will help you with this.

Depending on your level and skill, you will need a different skate.

For beginners we recommend a soft boot skate of the brand: Viking or Zandstra high model with the blades fixed to the boot.

For medium level skaters we recommend a thermoplastic shoe with the blades fixed to the shoe or low skates.

For advanced level skaters we recommend long trackskates with a thermoplastic shoe

We do not teach ice hockey or figure skating.

Sweatpants and a athletic jacket are sufficient for skating lessons.
A helmet is not mandatory but it is also not a luxury and we definitely recommend it.
In this case choose a skating helmet and not a ski or bike helmet.
Nowadays you can also buy soft helmets. But we have noticed that a hard-shelled skating helmet offers better protection.

Questions about skating lessons for children

We give skating classes to children of ages as young as 5 years old. Of course, younger children are welcome to play on the ice with parents/grandparents or caretakers. 

For youth classes, we divide the children into age categories of 5-6 years, 7-9 years, 10-12 years, 13-15 years.
Within these age categories we make another level division at busier hours. We keep these categories because of the child's motor development.
If the friends are the same age, it is more likely that they will be together in the group.
As soon as the age difference is too big, we can always make a shift in the group in consultation with the children and parents/caregivers. The oldest child will always go to the younger group. This also applies to a difference in skating level. If friends like to go together and the level differs, we will add the better skater to the less skilled group.

Skating fun is the priority. It is therefore important to wear the right skates. We therefore recommend starting with an adjustable children's skate, this has a hard shoe with a long blade. Adjustable children's skates are available from different brands such as Viking, Zandstra, Fila and Nijdam.

The skates we advise against:

  • Ice hockey or figure skating:
    Ice hockey and figure skates have a round blade instead of a straight, long blade. We provide skating exercises based on skates with a long blade. If a child does come to class on ice hockey or figure skates, the child may not keep up as well in terms of progress and speed. The child may therefore be placed in a less skilled group.
  • Double blades:
    We do not recommend the double slide blades. We cannot do any of the exercises during the class on these skates.
  • The low adjustable children's skate:
    For example, the Viking Multi Unlimited adjustable children's skate. This skate does not fit well around the ankle, often preventing the child from standing without help on the ice themselves.
  • Zandstra Easy Glider:
    If you do use this skate, it is important to have the children put on a sturdy shoe such as mountain hiking boots. Do not put on rubber boots or other soft shoes.

When to switch to leather skates? (low skates/clap skates)

Discuss this with the skating instructor. The latter can make a good assessment of whether the child is ready for this step. 

A pair of sweatpants with an athletic jacket suffices for skating classes. On cold days putting on a ski suit could be advantageous

We recommend for Children to always bring a set of rain gear and extra pairs of gloves and socks during both bad and good weather.

A helmet is not mandatory but we do definitely recommend it.

In this case, do choose a skate helmet and not a ski or bike helmet.

Questions about booked outings

Yes you can as long as the availability allows this. Send an email to reserveringen@jaapeden.nl no later than 48 hours in advance and we will take a look at the possibilities.

At the start of your visit, you can report to the information desk. A staff member there will show you the way.

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