Jaap Eden IJsbaan is a place where all ice skate enthusiasts come together, to get to know and enjoy the traditional Dutch winter sport. We set up a list of house rules to protect the safety of all visitors. Please respect the house rules to ensure an enjoyable skating experience for all visitors. 

House rules – on ice

  • (Ice skating) fun for all visitors
  • Wearing gloves is mandatory
  • Wearing a hat or helmet is recommended
  • The inner lane of the outdoor ice-rink (400-m) is reserved for fast skaters
  • The outer lane of the outdoor ice-rink (400-m) is reserved for recreational and slower skaters
  • The right skating direction is counter clockwise
  • All skaters must leave the ice during Zamboni maintenance activities
  • Wearing shoes on the ice is prohibited, only with ice-skates are you allowed on the ice
  • Store your skate protectors in the pockets along the boarding of the outdoor ice-rink
  • Sleds, ice-hockey sticks and pucks are not allowed on the ice 
  • The use of ice-aids is only allowed on specific hours at the outdoor practice track (krabbelbaan)
  • Speed skates (noren) are not allowed in the indoor ice-hall, use figure skates or ice-hockey skates instead
  • Instructions of our staff must be followed at all times

General house rules

  • Balls are not allowed on the entire property
  • Smoking is prohibited on the entire property
  • Entrance to the property requires a valid entrance ticket, alle tickets are strictly personal
  • Identification requests from our staff must be met at all times​​​​
  • Consuming alcohol is only allowed inside café JAAP or Boven Nul
  • Visitors are not allowed to perform any teaching activities without permission of Jaap Eden management
  • The ice clubs at Jaap Eden can perform teaching activities only on hours granted by the KNSB
  • Teaching activities on public skating hours are limited to staff from our Jaap Eden Schaatsschool only. 
  • Teaching activities on recreational training hours are limited to on of the active ice clubs at Jaap Eden or our Jaap Eden Schaatsschool only. A valid membership is required to participate in the lessons.
  • By violation of the house rules your access to Jaap Eden IJsbaan may be denied immediately, without refunding any paid entrance fee
  • All trash must be placed in one of the desginated trashcans on the property
  • Dogs are not allowed on the property
  • There is a 5 km/hr speed limit for all motor vehicles on the property
  • Visitors are not allowed to carry or use soft- and/or harddrugs on the property
  • Visitors are not allowed to carry guns on the property
  • Threat, abuse, assault or other aggresive behaviour is prohibited on the property
  • (Sexual) harrassment, racism and discrimination is prohibited on the property
  • Theft or deliberate damaging the goods of others will be reported to the police at all times
  • Our security services might request for a pat down
  • Video surveillance equipment is used to assist in the protection and safety of all visitors

SafetyThe saftey of our visitors is our main priorty. We feel responsible for our staff, visitors and neigbhours. This reflects in the way Jaap Eden IJsbaan conducts business. All legal requirements for public safety standards are met and reassessed yearly. An external safety company was hired to set up a safety management system in compliance with our safety policy. A risk assessment and re-evaluation of our safety policy is being performed yearly, as well as periodical check ups from the fire- and environmental departments of the city council (gemeente) of Amsterdam. 

StaffJaap Eden IJsbaan staff is responsible for the safety of all visitors. Visitor complicance to the house rules will be monitored by our staff continuously. 

First AidThe First Aid office is located on the back side of the Changing- and Locker Room in the middle of the property, next to the outdoor ice-rink (400-m). Supervisors are on site everyday to monitor the safety of the visitors. All supervisors are licensed to provide First Aid services. They wear blue coats and a yellow band around their arm. In need of First Aid services please reach out to one of the supervisors or report to the cashier at the cash-register at the entrance of the property. 

ResponsibilityEntering Jaap Eden IJsbaan property is at your own risk. Jaap Eden IJsbaan cannot be held responsible for any kind of injury or damage/loss of personal possessions.

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