Welcome to Waterman Sport, the ice skate rental facility at Jaap Eden IJsbaan. Our shop is located right after the entrance gates. Various types of ice-skates can be rented per day or leased throughout the entire ice-skating season (October-March). Additionally we provide skate-sharpening services and have a wide selection of ice skates, gloves and other winter sport related material for sale.  

Ice skates can be rented from € 6,00 a pair.

DepositRenting ice skates requires a valid ID or € 100,00 in cash (no pin!) as a deposit, which you’ll get back once you return the ice skates. It’s possible to rent multiple pairs of skates with one ID. 

More information about our services can be found on our website www.watermansport.nl. To contact the store at Jaap Eden IJsbaan please call 020 – 69 49 884.

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