Speedskating associations

Amsterdam Skating Club Jaap Eden For more information, visit the ASC Jaap Eden website .

Amsterdam Schaats en Skeeler association Hoogerop For more information, visit the website of ASSV Hogerop.

Amsterdam Ski association The Amsterdam Ski association gives you the opportunity to go out on the ice with the whole family (6 years and older) on skates. Everyone then receives professional guidance at their own level in groups, this is mandatory for children, older people are also allowed to skate recreationally. "Our" hour is Saturday mornings from 10.45- to 11.45 exclusively for our members, so, it is never overcrowded. For more information visit the website of Amsterdams Ski association, or mail to info@ski-amsterdam.

AMVJ Skating For more information, visit the AMVJ Skating website.

APGS Amsterdam For more information, visit the APGS Amsterdam website.

IJsclub Gein en Omstreken IJsclub Gein en Omstreken is from Driemond (Adam Zuidoost), where they have a beautiful natural ice rink. Skate training and lessons are generally held at the Jaap Eden IJsbanen, but in the case of natural ice, they skate at their own natural ice rink. They skate with the youth on Saturday mornings around 8:30 a.m., in addition they train on Wednesday evenings, Friday evenings and Sunday evenings. For more information visit the website of IJsclub Gein en Omstreken.

HCA (Hardrijders Club Amsterdam) HCA is a association for people who like to skate hard and also want to compete. We train and skate our races at the Jaap Eden IJsbanen in Amsterdam. HCA is a real speed skaters club and is known for producing good skaters. This starts with the youth. Good trainers teach the youth to skate well and they are often included in the various selections. This already starts with our own club selection. Besides competitive skating, HCA has a tour skating department for people who want to learn the technique of skating but do not want to compete. This is done at different levels and each group has a trainer who will teach you the tricks of skating. In short, HCA, an association where anyone with any level can become a member. For more information, please visit the website of HCA.

A.S.S.W.S.V. SKITS SKITS is the Amsterdam Student ice Skating, Cycling, and in-line skating Association. In cooperation with the sports centers of the VU and the UvA, SKITS offers skate, cycle and inline skate training at all levels, ranging from absolute beginners to the national top, to more than 500 members. At Jaap Eden IJsbanen, we are the skating association that focuses on students. On Monday evenings we host the Social Skate, dinner at restaurant Boven Nul at 19.30 and after skating on the ice between 21.00 and 23.00. Afterwards we leave the ice to have some drinks with the other members. Besides skating and cycling we offer a wide range of activities, such as drinks, parties, lustrums and skating & cycling weekends. You can also join a trip to Collalbo or an 11-country cycling vacation to Croatia. As a member you receive 6 times a year the SKITSflits and once a year the almanac. You can also order clothing from our collection for real student prices! SKITS is the perfect combination between a sports and a student association.For more information visit the SKITS website.

STG Afterskate For every top skater, the skating career comes to an end. How do you avoid immediate stagnation after years of training? Or better, how do you limit those changes? This is the problem many top skaters face. Therefore, the our association came up with a skating association just for top skaters, persons who have experienced the sport in the same way. Our goal is to bring those people back together again and together to start practicing the sport we enjoy so much, because nothing is as much fun as skating. For more information visit the website of STG Afterskate.

ZTIKZ The Amsterdam skating and cycling association for former students has been a KNSB-association since 2012. For every skating and cycling enthusiast the best outings and activities. For more information visit the website of ZTIKZ.

Abcouder Ice Club For more information, visit the Abcouder Ice Club website.

ASV Almere For more information, visit the ASV Almere website.

SV De Poelster The Amstelveens Schaats association de Poelster has been active in skating since 1964. The objective of the association is to promote the sport of skating. This is done by training, organizing competitions and organizing tours. At the Poelster you can skate both recreationally and competitively on artificial or natural ice. From the association the members (of 6-80 years!) are offered all facilities to actively practice skating during the winter season. For example, during the winter season they offer on the Jaap Eden IJsbaan in Amsterdam, under the expert guidance of their own skating trainers:- Skating lessons for youth members (6-12 years)- Competition training for youth (from 12 years) and seniors- Recreational lessons During the summer period they organize as preparation for the skating season:- Skating training in the Amsterdams forrest- Bicycle training - Other activities of the association are:- Organizing the Bostocht in the Amsterdams forrest when there is natural ice- The annual Poelster Bosloop- Co-executing the ice rink in the Stadshart Amstelveen- A cycling and hiking weekend in South Limburg- Activities for youth and young people Our clubhouse Poelzicht, beautifully situated on the Poel, is the meeting point for many activities. From here we start for cycling and fitness training as well as for the Poelster Forest Run. In short, an active association both on and off the ice! For more information visit the website of De Poelster.

STG Zaanstreek For more information, visit the STG Zaanstreek website.

Ice club Baambrugge The local ice club is indispensable in Baambrugge. Baambrugge lies just east of the Vinkeveen lakes and is part of the municipality of De Ronde Venen. In addition to a unique land ice rink/ in-line skating rink, on which it is possible to skate very fast and during the winter the Baambruggers skate on the small river, the Angstel. IJsclub Baambrugge has an active group of long track and marathon skaters, recreational skaters and youth skaters. These skaters are active every week during the winter months at the Jaap Eden IJsbaan. In 2010, IJsclub Baambrugge started using the completely renovated land ice rink with inline skating track (200 meters) and clubhouse. In addition to the skating activities, IJsclub Baambrugge always organizes a number of sport events during the summer. The EMCT cycle tour on the longest day, the Time Trial and the 10km Village Run are classic summer events in Baambrugge. But the skating track also hosts summer activities, training and competitions. Finally, IJsclub Baambrugge is one of the ice associations which organizes the Botsholtocht and/or the Vinkeveenseplassentocht. Training group The training group of IJsclub Baambrugge, which is active on the Jaap Eden IJsbaan, works together with the training groups of the Abcoude IJsclub, IJsclub Diemen and Gein en Omstreken from Driemond. This cooperation collaborates both during the winter and the summer. This means that there are training opportunities for all target groups. GOBAD With Abcoude IJsclub, IJsclub Diemen and Gein en Omstreken from Driemond, IJsclub Baambrugge set up Team GOBAD through the initiative of Jos de Pijper and Tom Hoekstra. The team that wears an orange and white outfit is a stepping stone for talented skating youth. For more information visit the website of IJsclub Baambrugge, or email info@ijsclubbaambrugge.nl.

Diemer Ice Club Youth ice skating is specifically designed to teach children as young as 6 years old how to skate in a playful way. At the Diemer IJsclub this is possible on Friday from 4:55 pm to 5:55 pm or on Saturday from 9:30 am to 10:30 am. This is done under the supervision of a leader or guide in groups of around 12 children. The smallest beginners can go to the indoor Jaap Eden Ice Hall on Saturday mornings, while the older ones can enjoy skating on the outdoor rink , because at these hours the ice rink is completely reserved for Youth Skating. There are several events throughout the season: Around December 5, St. Nicholas comes to visit. And in mid-January we have a real Elfstedentocht. Then, of course, when it really starts to freeze, the Youth Skaters can go to the Diemer Ice Club's own natural ice rink for free. Finally, the season ends with the presentation of the diplomas for the slalom and the start and brake tests. For information call Jan Poster at 020 - 695 00 60 Competitive skating, Olympic champion or just to push your own limits? This is possible from the age of 12 with competitive skating, which is aimed at skating better and therefore faster. By participating in competitions and setting personal records you can measure that progress, exactly. The Diemer Ice Club has training sessions and competitions for all competitive skaters at association level. So you can go as fast as you want on your way to a new personal, club, rink or world record. Ice training in groups of the same level with an experienced trainer on Wednesday and/or Friday evenings In addition, you can participate in:- Long track races from 100 meters to 10 Km. Marathon competition- Club championship- Record races on a fast indoor track- Rankings for who skates the most Personal Records or advances the most For a good specific preparation for the skating season, you can participate in our bicycle training, rollerblading training or forest training in the summer. Information: Jan van der Harst, 06-51479748 Recreative skating Like to get a breath of fresh air every week by skating for an hour ? Then the recreational skating on Monday evenings is ideal: Mart van Hoek, 020 -6907204 For more information visit the website of the Diemer IJsclub.

SV De 5 Dorpen For more information, visit the SV The 5 Villages website.

STG VZOD was founded in 1985 and thus has been in existence for 25 years.The association, based in Kudelstaart, focuses primarily on enthusiastic, recreational skaters and youth skaters. In addition, the association has an intensive training group, in which youth members train several times a week and participate in competitions. In the summer, preparatory training is done in the form of cycling, fitness and inline skating training. For more information, visit the website of STG VZOD.

IJclub Hard-Gaat-ie IJclub Hard-Gaat-ie Landsmeer has a land ice rink and clubhouse, located at Zuideinde (entrance opposite Zuideinde 52, tel. club canteen 020 482 18 34) in Landsmeer. The land ice rink is flooded during the winter, this way skating is possible during periods of frost. During the colder winters the ice rink is part of the Waterland-West tour of 35 kilometers. There is also an active skating training group and there are many youth skaters and tour skaters who skate at the Jaap Eden IJsbanen during the winter. The Hard-gaat-ie members with competition licenses can participate annually in record competitions at Thialf in Heerenveen. During the summer, members can participate in fitness and cycle training. Furthermore, Hard-gaat-ie annually organizes a youth weekend, the sloot and slobrace, a bicycle tour, time-trial cycling, in-line skating tours and participation in Sports Week Landsmeer. Membership in Hard-gaat-iet is 10 euros per year for the whole family with children up to 15 years. For more information visit the website of hard-gaat-iet.

IJsclub Marken For more information, visit the IJsclub Marken website.

STG Waterland

For more information, visit the STG Waterland website.

IJsclub Centrum Oostzaan For more information, visit the website of IJsclub Centrum Oostzaan.

IJsclub de Amstelbocht Our ice club provides skating lessons for children up to 12 years old and recreational skaters from early October to mid-March. We also give skating training to competitive skaters, including many youth from 12 years old. These lessons and training sessions are held at the Jaap Edenbaan in Amsterdam.The association gets only a limited number of season tickets for the Jaap Edenbaan and therefore there are waiting lists. If it freezes hard enough, everyone can go for skating fun at the land ice rink, Molenpad 1 in Ouderkerk aan de Amstel. If we are really lucky and the ice is sufficiently thick, the cooperating ice clubs organize the Botsholtocht and/or the longer Angstel- en Plassentocht. Every year in May we organize the Ronde Hoeploop for walkers and runners over various distances. This year already for the 25th time. For more information please visit the website of IJsclub de Amstelbocht, or call 020 - 496 11 41.

IJsclub De Blauwe Beugel (founded in 1929) is a association of 80 active athletes who, in addition to skating in the winter months, are actively involved in cycling, rollerblading and running training the rest of the year. During the winter months they skate in the beautiful semi-covered skating hall in Haarlem. The Amsterdam ice rink is also used for this purpose. Our competitive skaters (about 30 youth members and 50 seniors) can frequently be found on these rinks during competitions or training sessions. There are also special training hours for recreational skaters so that they can be taught the finer points of skating by an experienced trainer in a relaxed atmosphere. Thanks to the work of many volunteers, board members, committee members, judges and five skating trainers, it is possible for all our members to enjoy the wonderful sport of skating. During the summer months we also organize running and cycling training, so you can enjoy your sport all year round at IJsclub de Blauwe Beugel. In addition to the activities on the ice rinks, IJsclub de Blauwe Beugel also has an active youth committee which regularly organizes various activities such as training weekends and party nights. In cooperation with the board and other volunteers, an annual training week in the beautiful southern German town of Inzell is also organized. IJsclub de Blauwe Beugel has its own land ice rink complete with dressing room and canteen. With sufficient natural ice, many activities are organized here such as the "cake race", sprint competitions and also, for example, school skating. The great strength of our club is that everyone can exercise at their own level in matching groups, both in terms of age and level. The running and cycling groups also train at their own level.For more information, visit the website of De Blauwe Beugel.

STG Ter Aar For more information, visit the website of STG Ter Aar.

STG Viking The STG Viking is a skating club founded in 1984 from Weesp and surroundings. The goal of the association is to actively practice the sport of skating on both natural and artificial ice, and both on a recreational and competitive level (long track races, marathon races). However, the activities of the STG Viking are not limited to the winter period, when training takes place on the ice of the Amsterdam Jaap Edenbaan, but take place almost throughout the year. After the opening of the season in May, there is weekly running and cycling training. The running training takes place in the forest of Natuurmonumenten in 's-Graveland and the cycling training in the surroundings of Weesp. For the youth there is summer training in Weesp on Saturday mornings. In addition, the club championships and training weekends in summer (cycling in Limburg) and winter (skating in Groningen) are the highlights of our season. More information and registration via our website: www.stgviking.nl or send a message to secretaris@stgviking.nl 

IJsclub Nooitgedacht For more information, visit the website of IJsclub Nooitgedacht.

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