Join our summer grouptraining when there is no ice

Follow Druur force workouts on the Jaap Eden grounds to achieve your cycling/hard running/rowing goals this summer or.... Come take SkateFit workouts this summer and prevent injuries, improve your strength, posture and technique for next winter!


During the SchaatsFit training sessions you sport on a fixed day and time to polish up your skating technique, strength, condition and flexibility during the summer. Train at your own level so that skating not only gets easier and harder, but more importantly becomes more fun! 

SkateFit: Training at set times

The SkateFit trainings take place on fixed days and times throughout the summer season (01 April to 06 October). The trainings focus on maintaining and improving your skating technique, strength and condition.

Two different levels


Endurance Power

Work on the strength you need to prevent injury and get yourself ready for your own summer goal. An absolute must for endurance athletes who want to get more out of their workouts.

Endurance Strength: Flexibly schedule strength training sessions.

Endurance training sessions take place on Mondays and Thursdays throughout the summer season (April 01 through October 06). The workouts focus on empowering and supporting endurance athletes.

Adding strength training to your exercise routine will not only help you improve the strength you need when practicing your sport. But it also improves your coordination, posture, mobility and exercise effectiveness. This way you will avoid possible injuries and be ready for whatever challenge you may take on.

We will continue exercising at the location where we skate laps in the winter and engage in targeted exercises using body weight or various free weights and materials. Depending on the weather, training will take place indoors or outdoors. The workouts are suitable for athletes of all levels and fitness, our trainers are happy to customize the workout for you. 

Attending a clinic in summer or winter

Are you looking for an atmospheric (winter) location to hold your drinks or dinner in spring or summer? Then the Jaap Eden IJsbaan is the place you are looking for! On the grounds are several catering locations where it is possible to organize your outing, with or without an activity

We offer drinks and dinners in the various catering areas at the ice rink. Bitter snacks, fancy drinks boards, stew buffets, you have a diverse selection to choose from when you choose to visit the ice rink.

Please contact us for more information. We are happy to think along with your food and drink needs.

In addition to food and drink, it is of course possible to play sports at the ice rink.

Curling is an active party game and is great for team outings, birthdays or as a fun group outing. Ice-stock curling is played with wooden ice sticks and is a variation of the Olympic Sport curling. This game is perfect if you have a diverse team with athletic and less athletic colleagues. Everyone can play along.

Skate with your colleagues and an experienced skating coach to get (even) better and enjoy the ice within an hour. Novice to advanced skaters will find what they are looking for. In consultation with the trainer you can discuss the goal of the clinic so that everyone has a great day.

Ice hockey, also called the fastest team sport in the world, is a true experience. Ideal for an active and competitive outing! Fixed parts are: braking, turning and shooting. Of course, a mutual competition should not be missed!

For more information on the different clinics, please contact us. We are happy to think with you about which activity best suits your party.

Choose your favorite day for next year's seasonal course

At the Jaap Eden IJsbaan you will take the very best lessons throughout the winter season 2024 - 2025. Lessons with only one goal: to teach you how to skate better in a fun way.

In winter we offer weekly lessons, lessons during school vacations, specials beginner courses, cornering courses and more!

Enjoy apple pie with coffee, hot chocolate or a winter dinner

Step into Café Jaap for a cup of coffee and apple pie or enjoy dinner or drinks with your skating buddies. At Café JAAP you will always find something tasty so you can enjoy after your time on the ice.

Café Jaap is the public restaurant of the ice rink. During the winter months we are open to our visitors for a hot chocolate, a nice cold beer or an archetypal Dutch stamppot.
During the skating season, the café cannot be rented exclusively for a private meeting. Making reservations is unfortunately not possible, we would like everyone to be able to walk in and find a spot.

Opening hours winter 2023 - 2024

Mon. 10:00 - 00:00 a.m.
Tue. 09:00 - 00:00 a.m.
Wed. 09:00 - 23:30 hrs.
Thu. 10:00 - 00:00 am
Fri. 09:00 - 00:00 hours
Sat. 09:00 - 21:30 hrs.
Sun. 09:00 - 22:30 hrs.

Free skate at outdoor rink (starting Oct. 12)

Enjoy recreational skating with the whole family, it is possible on all days and different times at the outdoor rink. At the Jaap Eden IJsbaan you can skate on the 400-meter rink again from October 12, 2024. The ice hall will only be accessible to associations next season. 

Single tickets

5 10
  • Enjoy skating during a public hour
  • Moveable up to 1 hour before start of visit
  • Perfect for one-time visits with friends or family

multi-entry passes

  • 10- or 25-multi-entry passes
  • For youth, adults, students and those 65 and older
  • The cheapest way to skate often

Give a gift certificate to a friend or family member

Are you looking for an original or sporty gift? Then choose a gift voucher for Jaap Eden IJsbaan. A skating lesson, single tickets, subscription or rather a multi-entry pass? The gift voucher is valid for 2 years from the moment of purchase.

A gift certificate

There are gift certificates of: €10, - €20, - €25, - €30, - €40, - €50 and €100.


The gift certificates will be sent by email. The attached pdf file contains a unique gift code which can be used in the webshop during the checkout of one of the products. It is possible to print the gift certificate and mail it or send it to the recipient by email.

An impression of the prices of season 2022 - 2023

A single visit can be scheduled starting at €5.50. If you want to come skating more often, buy a 10multi-entry pass, available from €37.80 or book a multi-day course at Christmas holiday a €95.25. Half an hour of private lessons is available for €47,90. During this private lesson you will receive tips that you will enjoy for the rest of your life.

Jaap Eden Ice Rink opened

The ice rink is currently open as per normal opening hours despite storm Ciarán.

Today's classes will also continue for the time being.

If there is news we will post updates on this page and on our socials 

Free skating in the Christmas holiday

The holiday card

Do you want unlimited skating at Christmas holiday? Then choose a holiday card and come skate every day on public hours. 

Single tickets

Click the button below to purchase a loose admission for any of the days of the Christmas holiday.

The ice hall

The ice hall is closed to the public this season. Skating is available all winter (even when it rains) on the outdoor 400-meter rink.

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